Environment & Economics
Environment & Economics

Advice on Environment and Economics

Esther Kieboom helps clients on issues, such as:

·         How can we encourage a thriving economy without damaging our natural resources?

·         How do we protect natural resources without impeding economic prosperity?

·         How do we take account of the services that nature provides, when these ‘public goods’ do not have a market price?


She supports organisations in the public, private and volunatry sector with:

  • assessing the value of ecosystem services
  • undertaking a Business & Environment Assessment to identify risks and opportunities for companies related to natural capital
  • understanding the relationship between the local economy and the natural environment
  • identifying socio-economic opportunities related to areas of high nature/historic/landscape value
  • developing Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) schemes
  • conducting feasibility studies and developing business cases

Assignments are tailored to the client's requirements. Much work is undertaken in collaboration with other colleagues who have complementary expertise, and are part of her wider networkHer work always includes clear recommendations and practical next steps.  

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